Post-Apocalyptic Festival

An unique combination of dozens fans, postapo larps, music, movies, games and art brings...

Festival organized by postapocalyptic fans.

Bigger, busier, sharper ...
2 music stage  rock'n'roll  punkrock  psychobilly  metal  noise  industrial  electro  underground cinema, postapocalyptic cult from 1960 – 1980 and current production  discussions about survival, nuclear war, Chernobyl, urbex or Fallout 4  two desert tearooms  insect cuisine  stylish  bar from pub "Kryt"  spicy specialities or brahmin burgers  Romanticdates in radioactive swamp of Love!  Biggest exhibition of postapocalyptic vehicles in Czech Republic!  larp quests  head hunters  caravans  tribe battles  service from highest atom priest 



Dust off your desert wrecks and come for bottle of Nukofola and the Iguana on a stick.

Post-apocalyptic festival built by fans for fans reopens its doors in June 2017. The biggest change this year is the take-over of administration of missile base Bratronice by the team of enthusiasts around Junktown, so the preparations for the festival are ongoing practically since the end of last year. Junktown is the fulfillment of our postapocalyptic dreams, passionate tribute to the cult of Fallout and Mad Max, our attempt to create czech equivalent of the Wasteland Weekend. It's deviance and treatment in one.


Four days full of concerts, projections, larps, workshops and indescribable experiences, located on former missile base twelve hectares large. Junktown’s motto was “by fans for fans” from the very beginning. It was founded by creative group of organizers of festivals, concerts, summer camps and larps, who are connected together by their shared enthusiasm for “postapo”, i.e. post-apocalyptic art, literature, movies and games.


Civilization is in ruins, gangs of mutants and heavily armed punks are wandering through the wasteland. Hard to find the place to rest, where you could eat the last can of dog food in peace. There is however one rumor about a place, where you can really have a nice time for few bottle caps, gather some supplies and maybe, just maybe even a companion, or at least harmless bottle of brandy. Junktown city opens its doors for the second time to all stray souls of the deserts on the last weekend of June.

Postapo enthusiasts will occupy the large bratronice missile base nearby Prague between 22 and 25 June 2017. We will create a tent city with stylish bars, music clubs and cinema in underground bunkers, larp zone and sacred land for the services for a nuclear mushroom.


Program dusts the scariest of the Cold War era - spectacular nuclear disaster simulations. For many, the most depressing subgenre that history of cinematography remembers. After this atmospheric terror there will be another line of postapo films - straightforward desert action, eighties trash, muscled men struggling with radioactive mutants and difficult mission to save the world and all surviving women in it.


Evenings in underground clubs offer different interpretations of how to understand the term "post-apocalyptic music." In addition to industrial and noise hell, body performances and dance afterparties at one stage, look forward to an old-fashioned rock and roll party. Saturday "End of the World Party" offers a nostalgic hits from the dusty jukebox, fatty burgers and skinny slave girls from Mojave, built on the popular vision of the world completed in the era of 1950s America.



Three underground bunkers crammed with music, parties and movies in postapo theme, which nobody ever tried in our country. In extensive grounds of missile base Bratronice is easy to find enough space for larp fights, jugger, driving postapo car and even romantic walks through radioactive swamp.


Do you want to reminisce about the best quotes from Fallout, get a insect snack, dance to rock'n'roll party at the end of the world or survive the 20 kilotons of industrial noise? Everyone will find something on Junktown.


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